Living without oil?! - Rethinking relations with lands and waters with Indigenous Land Based Expertise for a transition towards a fossil free welfare Society

The project aims at bringing forth Indigenous peoples’ Land Based expertise and innovation along with discussions on visions of a welfare society independent of fossil fuels, while respecting and promoting Indigenous people`s relations with lands, waters, humans and non-humans. Courses will be developed with within higher education. Placed at Uppsala Univ, the C entre for Multidisciplinary Research on Racism (C EMFOR) –Indigenous Studies - in collaboration with the education the C entre for Environment and Development Studies (C EMUS) UU and SLU, with universities in C anada, US, Australia and Indigenous communities this research project forms part of ongoing efforts by Indigenous and allied scholars, knowledge keepers, scientists, learners, change-makers, and leaders to establish a field to support Indigenous peoples’ contributions to the change from a fossil fuel dependent society and to promote technical innovations and societal infrastructures respecting Indigenous land and water based relationships.

The geographical focus is on the Swedish side of Sápmi, making comparisons with and learning from experiences in other Indigenous peoples territories. We draw on several earlier research projects, amongst other: EU FP7 Networking for Communications Challenged Communities (N4C); Seed Box: An Environmental Humanities Collaboratory; Safe and sustainable energy futures in Sápmi and Indigenous Climate Change Studies, within the National research program on climate.

Last modified: 2022-01-21