After Deportation (2017– 2019)

This is a study of post-deportation outcomes. It focuses on what happens to asylum seekers after deportation from Sweden and their experiences. Although there is a growing literature on detention and deportation, academic research on post-deportation is scarce.

Professor Shahram Khosravi's previous research on irregular migration and undocumentedness in Sweden has brought out the significance of analysing what happens after deportation (Khosravi 2009, 2016). Building on these findings, the current project will produce knowledge about the consequences of forced removal for the deportee’s adjustment in the home country. Theoretically, I will focus on the concept of ‘embeddedness’ (Ruben et al. 2009) to capture the multidimensional aspects of the condition of post-deportation, rather than the concept of reintegration. Empirically, the project pay attention to Afghan deportees from Sweden. Theoretically, based on previous research which shows that deportation is not the end of the migration cycle but rather just a phase of recirculation, this project aims to show how post-deportation studies can contribute to migration studies.

Professor Shahram Khosravi


Last modified: 2022-01-21