Rasism i global säkerhets- och gränspolitik

The theme of Racism, Global Security and Border Politics, which is new to CEMFOR’s agenda, corresponds with the currently growing body of international research on the processes of securitisation and bio-political and other forms of exclusion in combination with both imaginary and real/practical forms of ‘bordering’ and membership classification.

Given its scope, the theme necessarily remains broad, covering a wide variety of securitisation and bordering practices as and when these are enacted to sustain regimes of exclusion. The theme also covers wide variety of contexts from military through securitisation of border politics and increasing politicisation of borders in addition to their technologization and, e.g., reliance on AI and other means. 

Current Research projects:

  • Drömmen om automatiserad neurobiologisk krigsföring: Den amerikanska militären och framtidens krig.
    Principal Investogator: Claes Tängh Wrangel
  • Cybersäkerhet och ansvarets politik: Omförhandlingar av stat-medborgare relationer i en digital demokrati
    Principal Investogator: Claes Tängh Wrangel
  • Produktionen av deporterbarhet: Ensamkommande minderårigas asylprocesser Particpant Researcher: Patricia Lorenzoni

Past research projects:

  • Väntan
    Principal Investogator: Sharham Khosravi
  • Efter deportation
    Principal Investogator: Sharham Khosravi

Formal research networks:

Politics and Power of Resilience – POWERS
Finansiär: The Joint Committee for Nordic research councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOS-HS)

The aim of the network is to bring together Nordic scholars that are engaged and interested in resilience and its connections to power. Its aim is to support and initiate joint research projects and publications. The network addresses questions such as: I) What are the ways in which power and politics are inscribed in resilience? II) How do dynamics of war, neoliberalism, racism and colonialism become intertwined with resilience? III) What kind of alternative notions that diversify or go beyond the concept of resilience can this broader understanding facilitate?

More information: https://www.ulapland.fi/EN/Webpages/POWERS

Última actualización: 2023-10-16