Laboratorios metodológicos: hacia métodos sostenibles para medir la discriminación por motivos de etnia, color de piel y religión.

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Methodological Laboratories – towards tenable methods to measure discrimination on the grounds of race, ethnicity and religion
The aim of this project is to develop ethically and scientifically tenable methods for measuring discrimination on the grounds of race, ethnicity and religion at a national level. The study will investigate the genealogy of conflicting perspectives that surround the question of collecting this kind of data in Sweden. Furthermore will we map out different understandings and knowledge requests by authorities and targeted groups. The main objective is to produce – in cooperation with targeted groups, researchers of racism and methodological experts – adequate methods to use in national work against racism that are simultaneously designed to hinder their use to either discriminate or reproduce racism.

The approach is interdisciplinary. The research team is composed of researchers from history of ideas, ethnology, history of religion, sociology and statitistics. The team will work together for four years with a committee of reference persons from targeted groups (Romani, Saami, Jewish, Afro-Swedish, Muslim, immigrants from outside Europe, Creols, and adopted) and a scientific board composed of senior researchers from other disciplines, to identify workable objects of enquiry and acceptable methods to measure and produce knowledge about them. The methods so obtained will contribute to increase the visibility of discrimination based on ethnicity, race and religion and produce knowledge to be used in work against discrimination and in its monitoring.

Financiero: Consejo de investigación Sueco (approx. 5 000 000 SEK).
Investigadores copartícipes: Edda Manga (MKC), Mattias Gardell, (CEMFOR, UU), Alireza Behtoui (sociologi, SU), René Leon Rosales (MKC)

Última actualización: 2022-01-21