What swaying horsetail teach us

What does water horsetail teach us about tackling climate change? Water horsetail can tell us about traditional ecological knowledge in the Sámi tradition. Can swaying horsetail also tell us about how to harvest energy from vortex-induced vibrations? This project within Dálkke aims at bringing forward water horsetail as an imparter of knowledge and bring together different traditions.

Field experiments of vortex-induced vibrations will be conducted during the summer 2019 that follows the plant’s cycle as well as the water cycle. After school start, pupils from primary school in Jåhkåmåhke municipality will be invited to participate in the measurements and talk about both the swaying movements of horsetail and its role as forage in the Sámi tradition. The prospect of involving the future generation is to spur their curiosity and inspiring them to be the innovators of tomorrow. 

Project manager: Ida Jansson

Vortex-induced vibrations of Oassje (Water Horsetail)