DÁLKKE: research areas

Based within Indigenous- and gender perspectives, Indigenous methodologies/theories and racism studies, and within a cross-disciplinary research environment with humanities, sciences, technology, social sciences, under the lead of researchers who themselves are Indigenous, we perform our research and also develop technological, social and socio-technical innovations and solutions in regard to the challenges related to climate change and fossil fuel dependencies.

  • How does energy and climate politics and actions from governments, international non-governmental organisations and social movements affect climate, animals, birds, lands, waters as well as contemporary and future sustainability, food security and human security?

  • How and why are Indigenous peoples  and their perspectives excluded – or included – in climate politics, action and commercial businesses in local, regional, national and international level?

  • How do Indigenous peoples work to promote their perspectives in these issues and what are the scopes for Indigenous peoples’ perspectives to be strengthened?

  • What technical, social and sociotechnical innovations considered as interesting and useful for Indigenous peoples?

  • How can technical, social and sociotechnical innovations be developed and implemented while respecting Indigenous peoples territories, culture and communities?

  • How should support be provided to Indigenous peoples for themselves develop technical, social and sociotechnical innovations to reduce negative impacts from climate change, dependency on fossil fuels and fossil dependent energy production?