Dálkke: Indigenous climate change studies

Dálkke means "Weather" in Lule Sami

Dálkke: Indigenous Climate Change Studies

Dálkke means ”weather” in Lule Sámi. The project Dálkke: Indigenous Climate Change Studies is financed by FORMAS within the Swedish National research program on climate. ]Within the project we work for the establishment of the research field Indigenous Climate Change Studies, in Sweden and on an international level.

Based within Indigenous- and gender perspectives, Indigenous methodologies/theories and racism studies, and within a cross-disciplinary research environment with humanities, sciences, technology, social sciences, under the lead of researchers who themselves are Indigenous, we perform our research and also develop technological, social and socio-technical innovations and solutions in regard to the challenges related to climate change and fossil fuel dependencies.

The geographical focus is on Sábme – Sámi territories – on the Swedish side. Comparisons and collaborations are made over the nation states that are crisscrossing Sámi territories as well as other Indigenous peoples’ territories. 

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Last modified: 2022-01-21