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Rasism inom hälso-och sjukvården: utveckling och implementering av antirasistiska strategier genom gemensam kunskapsproduktion och utvärdering

Understanding racism healthcare: Developing and implementing anti-racist strategies through shared knowledge production and evaluation
Abstract (engelska)
The project talks about racism in healthcare with diverse groups of providers and patients and through dialogue and shared learning, creates opportunities for progressive change.
Despite evidence of the experience of racism by health service professionals and users, and of inequalities in health outcome for people of migrant background, there is very little discussion of racism in the Swedish healthcare system. The lack of official data around racialized categories and the emphasis on integration renders racism invisible, while very few cases of racism are reported via the official complaints system. Given the occluded and sensitive nature of racism for both professionals and patients, planned and widespread consultation, participatory methods to include all stakeholders in the provision and uptake of healthcare together with inductive qualitative analysis are needed as part of an implementation framework.
Over four years, the process has 4 phases:
1. consulting participants, sampling and data collection;
2. networking and collaboration;
3. policy suggestions;
4. implementation, all of which involve dialogue conferences and consultation workshops to ensure widely informed discussion.
The process of discussion, analysis of concepts and routines, peer-to-peer education and evaluation will support changed processes in the provision of healthcare to reduce institutional and individual racism. Anti-racist educational materials will be created through shared knowledge production. Applicants: Hannah Bradby, Beth Maina Ahlberg, Suruchi Thapar-Björkert

FORMAS, framtidens forskningsledare: ”Säkra och Hållbara Energiframtider: Antaganden och Handlingar, Visioner och Beslut”

Huvudsökande :May-Britt Öhman, medsökande: Eva-Lotta Thunqvist
Sökt och beviljad 2 997 MSEK, Tid: 2017-2019.

Radikalisering och våldsbejakande extremism: En analys av två mångtydiga begrepp i svenskt offentligt samtal.

Forskare: Per-Erik Nilsson.
Finansiär: Vetenskapsrådet (3 000 000 kr).

Diskrimineras vissa föräldrar när de väljer skola åt sina barn?

Den första experimentella studien på diskriminering vid myndighetskontakter i Sverige Fältexperiment av etnisk diskriminering vid myndighetskontakter
Forskare: Per Adman, Jonas Larsson Taghizadeh
Abstract (engelska)
The aim with our project is to investigate the occurrence of discrimination based on ethnicity, gender and socioeconomic status among Swedish public officials. Our study has an innovative research design. All 4600 Swedish elementary schools will be contacted via emails from fictional aliases. With a correspondence test design it will be studied whether parents with Arabic-sounding names receive information of the same quality as parents with Swedish-sounding names when it comes to questions these fictitious aliases ask about how the process works when choosing schools. It will also be studied whether women receive information of the same quality as men and whether letters containing linguistic errors receive answers of the same quality as letters without such errors; the latter intended to capture discrimination based on socioeconomic status. Experimental studies are very rare in previous research, why valid evidence is lacking on the extent of discrimination among public officials, and our experiment would be the first undertaken in Scandinavia. In addition, there is a lack of knowledge on the causes of discrimination, which here will be studied with the help of a follow-up Implicit Association Test (IAT) and a questionnaire capturing explicit attitudes, directed to the public officials. To our knowledge, the study is the first worldwide combining these tests to study the causes of discrimination among public officials in a field setting.

Hur ser du ut människa? Illustrationer av människan som art och ras i vetenskapliga publikationer från 1800 till nutid.

Sökande: Ulrika Kjellman
Finansiär: Vetenskapsrådet,  2 miljoner/ 3 år

Angry white men?

A study of violent racism, correlations between organized and unorganized hate crime and the affective dimensions of ultranationalism.
Finansiär: Vetenskapsrådet (ca 4 000 000 kr).
Projektdeltagare: Mattias Gardell (CEMFOR, UU), Heléne Lööw (historia, UU), Simon Lindgren och Samuel Merrill (DIGSUM/UmU) 

Methodological Laboratories

towards tenable methods to measure discrimination on the grounds of race, ethnicity and religion
Finansiär: Vetenskapsrådet (ca 5 000 000 kr).
Projektdeltagare: Edda Manga (MKC), Mattias Gardell, (CEMFOR, UU), Alireza Behtoui (sociologi, SU), René Leon Rosales (MKC)

After Deportation (2017-2019)

Projektdeltagare: Shahram Khosravi, Stockholms universitet

Waiting (2017-2019)

Projektdeltagare: Shahram Khosravi, Stockholms universitet

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