Lynchningar av svarta var ett offentligt folknöje - Aftonbladet Kultur by Professor *Mattias Gardell, CEMFOR


Mattias Gardell writes about America's dark history, where lynching has been commonplace since the days of slavery. "Lynchings of blacks were a public pleasure" - Aftonbladet Kultur by Professor Mattias Gardell, CEMFOR

”Vi vänjer oss att se svarta kroppar plågas, förnedras, dödas”. "We get used to seeing black bodies tormented, humiliated, killed". (simultaneous translation into English)

The entire article can be read only in Swedish here

*Mattias Gardell, Director of research at CEMFOR and holds the Nathan Söderblom Chair of Comparative Religion. His research has explored the intersections of religion, politics, and racism within a variety of empirical fields. Gardell’s research interests include anti-Muslim racism (Islamophobia), occult fascism, political religion, the history of racism, and religion/racism/violence.