"Det finns rasism inom den svenska polisen också" - "There is racism within the Swedish police too" Interview at UNT *Jasmine Kelekay, researcher at CEMFOR


"There is racism within the Swedish police too"
Racism within the US police has been a hot topic lately. But according to Jasmine Kelekay, researcher at CEMFOR, racism also exists within the Swedish police. (simultaneous translation into English)

(The interview in the Uppsala Nya Tidning newspaper, UNT, is in Swedish and not available in English. The interview can be read here).

*Jasmine Kelekay is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara and researcher at CEMFOR, with an interdisciplinary emphasis in Black Studies. Her work explores the relationship between racialization and criminalization, with a particular focus on constructions of Blackness, the institutionalized social control of African diasporic people, and the ways in which these people construct and enact counter-hegemonic identities and discourses in response to racial oppression.