CEMFOR withdraws its affiliation with the EIR


Following media reports concerning Uppsala University’s Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism (CEMFOR) and its affiliation with the 2021 European Islamophobia Report (EIR), we would like to make the following statement:

  • Just like that of several other university research centers internationally, CEMFOR’s general affiliation to the EIR was yielded strictly for academic reasons. Our aim was to support critical and independent research on Islamophobia, nationally and internationally.     
  • Our affiliation with the EIR was in line with CEMFOR's formal remit to “conduct internationally high-level research on integration, racism and discrimination and contribute to new knowledge in those areas”.

We have, however, now chosen to withdraw our affiliation with the EIR in order to avoid any direct or indirect politicization of academic Islamophobia research nationally or internationally. 

We want to emphasize that CEMFOR remains deeply engaged in the ongoing critical and multidisciplinary work on various forms of racism and discrimination, including growing Islamophobia, in contemporary European and global societies (for our own research, see www.cemfor.uu.se). 

CEMFOR also strongly emphasizes that research on racism and xenophobia – which remains at the core of defending democratic values of building an open and inclusive society – should be allowed to be conducted in the spirit of academic freedom and without any forms of political, media or any other direct or indirect oppression or influence.

For any questions, please contact CEMFOR Managing Director, Claes Tängh Wrangel (info@cemfor.uu.se) or Uppsala University Communication Department (press@uu.se).