cONFERENce schedule - Humanistiska teatern, Uppsala University


08:45-10:00                        Registration and Coffee

10:00-10:30                        Welcome

10:30-12:00                        Keynote 1: Jasmin Zine

Race, religion and gender in the islamophobia industry

12:00-13:30                        Lunch

13:30-15:00                        Parallell sessions - Block I

  • Thematic session: Resisting and unlearning antigypsyism
  • Thematic session: Religion, spirituality and conspirituality in interwar Scandinavian fascism
  • Session: Religion and the radical right
  • Session: Islamophobia, the liberal state and its public sphere(s)

15:00-15:30                        Coffee 

15:30-17:00                        Parallell sessions - Block II

  • Thematic session Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thinke own eye? Antisemistism - a Muslim or Christian phenomenon?
  • Thematic session: Race, religion and the public in South Africa and the US
  • Session: Islam, islamophobia and media representations
  • Session: Secularism, spiritualism and resistance
  • Session: Within without the classroom

17:00                                  Reception 


09:00-10:30                        Keynote 2: Maria Emilia Tijoux

When race is just a fiction: Punishment of migrants, racism and border closures

10:30-11:00                        Coffee 

11:00-12:30                        Parallell sessions - Block I

  • Thematic session: Highlighting race: Ambiguities in religious discipline and discourse
  • Thematic session: Intersections between stereotyping, race, religion and gender
  • Session: Nationalism and state racism
  • Session: Policing, migration and refugee work
  • Session: Christian motifs and secularist narratives

12:30-14:00                        Lunch

14:00-15:30                        Parallell sessions - Block II

  • Thematic session: The secular fundamentalism: Reiterations and challenges.
  • Thematic session: Islamophobia and the state: Discipline, punishment and contestation
  • Session: Hate speech, hate crime and islamophobia
  • ​Session: Racism and religion: Concepts and genealogies
  • ​Session: Experiences from minority positions

15:30-16:00                        Coffee 

19:00                                  Conference Dinner (optional)


09:00-10:30                        Keynote 3: David Theo Goldberg

Immaculate conceptions: Articulations of the racial/religious

10:30-11:00                        Coffee 

11:00-12:30                        Parallell sessions 

  • Thematic Session: Islam, race, and the state: Islamophobia and the making of the North American Muslim Subject
  • Session. Social movements, symbols, spirituality, resistance
  • Session: The war on terror and counterradicalization policies
  • Session: Racism, religion, historicity

12:30-14:00                        Lunch

14:00-15:30                        Closing panel

  • David Theo Goldberg, Edda Manga, Jasmin Zine. Moderator: Per-Erik Nilsson, CEMFOR.

15:30-15:45                        Closure