I am to present a paper.

  • The principle is that the time is divided equally within a session. All sessions and thematic sessions are 90 minutes long. If there are three papers to present in your session, you each have 20 minutes. If there are four papers to present in your session, you each have 15 minutes. All session and thematic session will have in total 30 minutes for discussion.
  • The chair will help to keep track of time. You can decide within your group if you wish to open for questions during the presentations, after each one or gathered in the end of the session.
  • Make sure to read the other participants abstract presentations before the conference.
  • There will be a member of the organizing committee in each room to help facilitate and answer questions.

I am to chair a panel session/session.

Thank you for helping us facilitating the sessions!

  • Make contact with the other persons in your session through e-mailadresses provided by us.
  • Ask for presentations beforehand and save them on your computer and perhaps on a USB-stick as well just in case.
  • Decide within the group how you are to handle the session, for eg in which order you will present, how you would like to handle questions/discussions etc.
  • Arrive at the room for your session at least 10 minutes early to set up your computer, you are asked to bring your own. A member of the organizing committee will meet you at the room.
  • During the session, keep time of the presentations and help facilitate any upcoming questions/discussions.

What technical equipment do you provide? 

  • Each room has the ability to connect a computer to a projector and show a PPT-presentation, web site, document, or similar on a canvas/screen. The venue has free Wi-Fi. 
  • The chair of each session will bring a computer. E-mail your presentation in good time before the conference.
  • The rooms also have writing equipment and whiteboard.
  • For more specific questions on technical matters, contact the organizers.
  • There will be an appointed member of the organizing committee in each room to help facilitate and answer questions. We will have technical assistance in the room.

Note: Please bring your own computer.