Director of CEMFOR
Applications are invited for the position of Director of the Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism (CEMFOR). The Director must have a doctoral degree and conduct independent research in CEMFOR’s profile areas, and must be permanently employed at a unit in the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Director will be appointed for a three-year term and the role is equivalent to 50% of a full-time position.

The mission of the Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism (CEMFOR) at Uppsala University is to conduct, promote, support and coordinate research in the profile areas “integration, racism and discrimination”. The research activities should be planned and organised so as to help consolidate CEMFOR’s position as a nationally and internationally leading environment.

CEMFOR is intended to:

  • Coordinate existing expertise and ongoing research at all faculties at Uppsala University in the areas of racism, integration and discrimination.

  • Monitor research funding calls and continuously inform Uppsala University researchers about research calls that are relevant to specified areas.

  • Coordinate and initiate multidisciplinary project applications in specified areas that in one way or another can be linked to CEMFOR’s activities.

  • Conduct research on integration, racism and discrimination of a high international standard and contribute to new knowledge in these areas.

  • Conduct multidisciplinary research seminars focusing on specified areas.

  • Arrange national and international conferences in specified areas.

  • Spread information about activities and collaborate across department and faculty lines to enhance CEMFOR’s visibility throughout Uppsala University.

  • Develop research in specified areas in relation to activities at the Faculty of Theology, Uppsala Religion and Society Research Centre (CRS) and the Forum for Jewish Studies (FJS).

The Director leads the work of the Centre and is responsible for continuously leading, representing and developing its activities. The role includes actively communicating CEMFOR’s activities within and outside Uppsala University. The Director is directly answerable to the Head of Department and has supervisory responsibilities. The Director is the manager of the Director of Research. The role of the Director includes:

  • Leading CEMFOR’s activities and development and taking responsibility for internal management and control.
  • Producing a proposed operational plan and implementing the adopted operational plan.
  • Ensuring that activities are conducted within the allotted budget.

  • Being chief rapporteur to the governing board with a permanent right to attend and speak at board meetings.
  • Ensuring that CEMFOR has the necessary technical and administrative support.

The Director will be appointed following a qualitative overall assessment of expertise, experience and abilities, and the best potential to perform and develop the duties involved and to contribute to CEMFOR’s positive development.

Application process
Applications must contain the following:

  • an application letter describing the applicant’s view of the role of Director and how the applicant wishes to contribute to CEMFOR’s development
  • an account of activities of relevance to this role (CV, including list of publications)

Please send your application by email to Senior Faculty Administrator Kim Solin by 23 May 2022, email giving “CEMFOR Director” as the subject line.

Further information about the role can be obtained from:
Anders Sjöborg, Head of the Department of Theology
018-471 6205

Kim Solin, Senior Faculty Administrator
018-471 2747

Last modified: 2022-05-02